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IP Thermometers

IP thermometers monitor temperature, humidity and other environmental parameters. They document value progressions and alert by e-mail, SMS and alarm displays when limit values are exceeded.

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IP thermometers: Measurements via network

IP thermometers: Measurements via network

IP thermometers, often called web thermometers or network thermometers, are versatile small measuring devices. In addition to temperature, they often record a variety of environmental parameters and make them available via the network. They usually offer useful additional functions, which make them suitable for a variety of control and monitoring tasks


IP thermometers are suitable for monitoring temperature and other important environmental factors directly at the point of action. They can be used in control cabinets, server rooms, laboratories, pharmacies, archives and depots, and even in pump sumps.

Network capability

IP thermometers are equipped with an internal web server that provides the measured values as a web page. They often support other network protocols, fieldbuses and M2M interfaces to exchange the acquired data with other systems.

Easy Integration

IP thermometers can be integrated with Network Management Systems (NMS), building monitoring systems, Industry 4.0 applications, SPS and SCADA systems, home automation controllers and, of course, the Internet of Things (IoT).


IP thermometers monitor and control the measured values. If the measured data deviates, they send alarm notifications, for example via e-mail, SMS, SNMP trap, or syslog.

Data logger

Many IP thermometers record the measurement data in data logger and thus allow documentation, e.g. for HACCP. Some manufacturers support interaction with an IoT cloud.

Energy efficiency

IP thermometers are often highly integrated devices that consume very little energy. Compared to full-blown monitoring solutions, IP thermometers are particularly energy efficient.



IP thermometers are versatile and are used in many fields of application:


Data centers and server rooms

Protect your critical IT infrastructure. IP thermometers monitor temperature and humidity in the server rack and even detect water damage on the floor.


Schools and kindergartens

IP thermometers monitor temperature, air quality and CO2 concentration.



Depending on the used sensors, IP thermometers also protect samples at -80 °C (-112 °F).



IP thermometers protect medicines and help pharmacists comply with regulatory requirements.


Food trade and gastronomy

IP thermometers document the temperature in refrigeration equipment in compliance with HACCP.


Libraries, archives and depots

IP thermometers ensure that media are stored in optimal preservative environmental conditions.



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