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Häufig gestellte Fragen

Häufig gestellte Fragen

Hier haben wir die Antworten auf einige der häufigsten Fragen für Sie zusammengestellt.

Our products are also used in industry and critical infrastructures. Therefore, it is important to us to only offer products that can always be kept up to date both functionally and against the background of IT security. The manufacturer will inform you about the availability of firmware updates after a free registration.

The IP thermometers we offer can visualise the recorded measurement data.

Free plugins for Nagios, Icinga2 and Check MK are available for the IP thermometers from Didactum. This allows you to query the sensors equipped with an SNMP_OID with your network management software (NMS) via LAN / WAN.

The IP thermometers from Didactum can also monitor switching signals, for example from fault signalling contacts.

Our IP thermometers can be calibrated at the factory and also subsequently.

The Didactum IP thermometers can be extended with any sensors from the product range and support a total of up to 40 connected sensors. The web thermometer 8x Pt100 / Pt1000 from Wiesemann und Theis also supports up to eight temperature sensors. You can use two devices here.

All IP thermometers from Didactum support PRTG. To do this, simply load the SNMP MIB file from the German web interface of the IP thermometer and import it into PRTG. The other products we offer can also be integrated into PRTG via SNMP.

Yes, Didactum offers its own IP thermometers as well as products from other manufacturers that can be equipped with sensors for outdoor use.

IP thermometers are typically used in applications where a manageable number of environmental parameters need to be monitored in one place. Among other things, IP thermometers are used in warehouses, dry storage facilities, cold stores, laboratories, pharmacies, cellars and many more.

IP thermometers are used where few measured values need to be reliably recorded, for example in the server room. Here, temperature, humidity and leakage are often monitored. If, on the other hand, you want to monitor several racks, monitoring systems are more suitable.

This depends on the IP thermometer used. The Didactum® Monitoring System 100 and the Didactum® Monitoring System 50 allow the connection of a USB stick with which you can expand the data memory up to 64 gigabytes.