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Measurement and control of temperatures via a network or Web IP Thermometer

The environmental factors of temperature levels have a significant influence on business critical infrastructures such as production, logistics, server rooms and engineering. Most impacted by these factors would likely be engineering, as these network and server rooms are dependent on continuous cooling.

Disorders due to climate technology have a direct impact on the availability of critical servers and the applications running on them. The results are the temperature in these server rooms and cabinets can reach critical levels.

The direct consequences of the overheating server rooms can and will cause extensive damage to the hardware and disastrous downtime.  Unexpected IT downtime always will have a direct impact on the business processes of the company. Even worse, employees of the company are unable to work. The bottom line is a catastrophic failure of the company’s IT equipment can cost several thousand Euros or Dollars per hour.

This should be known to every IT manager and general manager. Therefore, the physical environmental factor of temperatures should be checked with a thermometer IP around the clock and any temperature deviations need to be immediately alerted to and reported so that preventive action can be taken before disasters strike.

Didactum Security - manufacturer of IP Thermometer

Didactum® of Münster who are specialists in providing IT security technology, offer field-proven IP thermometer solutions for continuous temperature monitoring of server rooms and data center environments no matter how large or small.

CONSULTING is always very important to Didactum® Security. This ensures that the customer receives a customized solution when it comes to IP-based environmental monitoring. Roger Oeltjendiers, managing partner of Didactum® Security, will introduce you to the recommended IP Thermometer and their most important features that will fit your requirements.

Didactum Monitoring System 100 - innovative IP thermometer

The Didactum 100 IP thermometer consists of a control unit and a precise temperature sensor. Didactum®, manufacturer of this remote controller, has a lot of experience in engineering network-based environmental monitoring systems. The Didactum Monitoring System 100 IP thermometer has an RJ-45 network port,  four RJ-11 sensor ports and an integrated Web server. Upon request, this IP thermometer is available in a PoE version.

Using your web browser you can log into the web interface and using the very intuitive web UI, can then easily setup your sensor parameters, alerts and be operating within minutes.

The temperature sensor supplied with the Didactum Monitoring System 100 unit is factory calibrated according to ISO Standards. After inserting the RJ-11 connector of the temperature sensor into one of the four sensor ports on the controller, it will be automatically detected by the built in auto-identification feature and displayed in the Web Interface of the unit.

On the three other sensor ports, you can connect a variety of SNMP enabled sensors. Didactum® can provide an extensive range of environmental and security sensors. Didactum® consultants can assist you with expert advice on any questions regarding the topic of IP thermometer monitoring and alerting being experts in this field of technology.

After connecting the temperature sensors the data recording begins immediately via the IP thermometer. The measured temperature values ​​are recorded in the data logger of Didactum Monitoring System 100. This data can then be easily downloaded from the IP thermometer for your documentation and reports. The temperature graphs can also be clearly displayed directly from the Web GUI of Didactum Monitoring System 100.

This IP thermometer provides the user with the required temperature deviation values ​​for the also very critically important notification and alarm functions. It is always extremely important that in real time of the critical temperatures that are in the server rooms, the countermeasures are taken. For this reason individual temperature level thresholds and alarm values ​​can be setup in the units web UI. For example, you would set the temperature at which an alarm will be sent by email or SMS (via GSM modem). You can also include the siren & strobe light sensor for visual and audio alerts.

The Didactum Monitoring System 100 IP thermometer is fully SNMPv1, SNMPv2 and SNMPv3 compatible and supports NMS (Network Management Systems). SNMP can be the actual temperature of the sensor polled directly via the TCP / IP network. This IP thermometer is also capable of sending SNMP traps to other SNMP compatible systems and network monitoring software.

If IP thermometers are required with a larger number of temperature sensors, the Didactum Monitoring System 400, 500, 600 and 700 remote monitoring units offer either 8 or up to 125 sensor ports.  Here you simply connect Didactum`s sensor expansion units.

These units are Ideal for temperature monitoring in large spaces where additional temperature sensors are required. For more information just visit

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Network-based 24x7x365 monitoring

With our IP-enabled alarm servers and SNMP-enabled sensors, you get a proven solution for monitoring your critical assets.

Our sensorProbe and securityProbe IP alarm server are independently operating remote-monitoring devices that can be equipped with individual sensors our extensive range of sensors includes Environmental sensors, security sensors and voltage sensors.

You will be alerted in time when the temperature rises, in case of water leakage, power failure before your important business units are exposed to disastrous events.

Customers who already have a network management system, such as Nagios or OpenNMS in use will appreciate that our remote monitoring systems can be integrated quickly and easily.

Also distributed infrastructures and remote offices can be monitored 7x24. Our securityProbe premium monitoring systems control a wide range of alerting and notification methods.

The team of Didactum® is happy to advise you and is looking forward to your call +49 2501 971 63 55.